Friday, January 23, 2015

Baby Shower Gift for BF

My sweet friend is having her baby shower tomorrow.  Of course I wait till this afternoon to start making the quilt.  I had been tossing around ideas in my head all week but just had to sit down and start cutting to decide what the end product would be...

I ended up piecing a 'disappearing nine patch' out of flannel I had left over from other projects.  My friend is a scrappy kinda a girl and loves the eclectic.  I was able to boarder the quilt before time to whip up something for Dinner.

The D9P is my favorite quilt to piece, it is so easy but looks complicated.  

I love the little star pattern the boarder and backing...just shouts boy to me.  I just cannot wait to wee it when I have it all quilted.

Here is the topper, ready for a sandwich and my work cutout for me tonight.

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