Saturday, September 6, 2014

Summer Recovery

 The kids are back in school *smile* and mommy gets some much needed down time.  I have had a long 'To Do' list running for the last month.  I have been excited to get to it once the kids get into the school routine but it hasn't quite happened the way I expected.
  The first week I was down with a sinus cold (okay, that is what I call it), the second week I have been stuck in first gear.  My mom swears I am entering Menopause...she may be right.
  My hubby and I have made an agreement to start our diets/health plans this Monday.  It should be much easier doing it together.
 My most recent project is developing mad (Krazy) couponing skills.  My kids are really getting into it and I am finding the research and clipping very calming.  Our first FAMILY (scary thought) grocery run is this weekend to see how well we can do.  My goal is to do well enough to be allowed the grocery shopping in the future.  Right now my hubby completes that chore, he is much better counting pennies than I am.
  I was able to cross one little thing off my list...duh duh duh... de-fingerprint my refrigerator.  With 3 messy kids and a stainless steel fridge it was pretty nasty (forgot to take a before pic).  I sprayed it down, cleaned all the nastiness off.  THEN I made it pretty with a good wipe and buff with Mineral Oil.  I continued with the range and dishwasher.  All in all it really sparkled up my kitchen.
  Today, is polishing the granite counter tops...after I scrape off all the dried and caked on jelly, honey, oatmeal....  You got the idea.

To Do:
- Gym 3X's a week with running program.
- Sewing room 1 hour a week.
- Front hall cleared.
- Lay Master Bedroom rug.
- Organize Master Bath Closet.
- Chore Chart Routine
- Set a Morning Routine (and stick w/it)

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