Saturday, May 24, 2014

Still unpacking....Yikes

It has been nearly 2 months since our big downsizing move and I am still unpacking.  It really brings home the realization of what is important and what is frivolous possessions.  The important boxes are unpacked, cleaned and put away.  The rest, collections of my hubby's parents and grandparents are still well packed.  The major problems it causes is the stress and unrest I feel with a house in total disarray and I am unable to set up my craft room.
 I cannot find anything I need in my crafts behind all the boxes of china and cut glass.
 Last week I was able to focus on polishing all the antique breakfronts with furniture bees wax.  Now that they are all clean and glowing I am having a hard time finding reasons for putting it off.  LOL.  My hubby told me he wanted everything arranged the way we had it back at our last house but since I am the 'arranger' I think I will be mixing it up.  Our wedding china mixes well with my M-in-law's. I would love to mix in some of his grandmother's hand painted china with the glass.  I also think I may repack some of the glassware for storage in hidden places around the house, why does it have to be out to collect dust?

Another thing I have been postponing is my trips to the gym, workouts of any kind and my diet has regressed into a 'see food diet'.  Correct, I found most of the weight I fought so hard to loose last year.  I think I may try this cleans I found on Pinterest to jump start pistons.  
Spring Liver Cleanse Tonic
(makes 2 servings)
16oz Dandelion Root Tea
2 medium sized beets
2 large carrots
1 inch ginger
1 lemon

Source: Spring Liver Cleanse Tonic | Free People Blog

Summer is just a few days away and keeping myself and the kiddos on a routine can be difficult.  Shortly after school lets out we (kids and I) are off to visit my parents in Florida.  The idea of a bathing suit gives me visions of thunder thighs and rumbling sand.  A bit of an exaggeration but how many 47 year old mommies are thrilled to be seen in a bathing suit?  My lack of workouts has effected more than the look of my body, it has effected how I see myself.  The best thing is it is something I can, and will, change.  One of those continuous journeys.

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