Thursday, March 20, 2014


I should have known better....I killed it.  One must not have too many distractions when starting a Sourdough Starter, rule number one.  I just could not give it the time and attention it needed at this time so I gave up - till after the move.  

We close on the new house TOMORROW! is it here already?  Just amazing how time can speed by.  I still have so much packing to do before we move this weekend.  My hubby is a scheduling dynamo extraordinaire.  How he keeps it all straight I have no idea.  He keeps mumbling that he hopes he did not forget or schedule something wrong.  I really doubt it, he has double, triple and quadruple checked everything on his list.  Thankfully, he took several vacation days this weekend to get the move settled.  

My big question about the move, "Is everything going to fit?"  I have purged and purged and purged, but somethings you just have to get into the new house and figure out if it is a 'must keep' or 'why did we keep'.  Most of what we have now are antiques that have been passed down to my husband from his family, which is all gone now.  How do you get rid of things that have so much history but serves only a small purpose and usefulness?

I still believe the kids have no idea what is really going to happen.  I have to keep reminding them that next week they will not be in our current house.  They will not be able to hang out with the neighborhood kids, but make new ones.  They have been so excited about decorating their rooms that reality is far from their focus.

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