Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Good Bye - 2012

My goodness, where has the year gone.  I have been MIA most of this month, mainly due to all the comings and goings that the Holidays bring.  Not much time allowed into the sewing room (I would be hunted down when I would sneak off)...

Today I rewarded myself by spending most of the day at my sewing machine, even with a house full of kids.  For the best part of an hour this afternoon I had seven little angels running around, squealing, you know all the things little ones do.  The weather was wet and drippy all day so it meant, inside play.  Only one hick-up, what happens when you leave your machine to answer the door with a full house of sprites????

I have a feeling that my four year old was showing his buddy how it worked.  It only took me 30 minutes and a lot of patience to unwrap the knot of thread inside my machine.  Nothing seriously damaged.   

Froggy flannel receiving blanket, self bound.
Even with this set back I was able to finish a couple of receiving blankets, and a baby quilt top finished - start to boarder.
Which I will post photos of next year.

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